An ode to a user-friendly pencil essay

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Writing Roundup: Week of July 3

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An ode to the user friendly pencil thesis statement

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Contemporary style, per MLA, is to use quotation marks for smaller works, ones that would usually be within a larger thing, and to use italics for longer works, a thing that is free-standing. “Part memoir, part magic, Inside My Pencil is an ode to the human imagination by one of our best excavators of that imagination.

Peter Markus leads us on a journey through the classroom, a journey that also swerves through both the mind and heart. An Ode to the Strange (and Lost) Intimacy of Shopping With Friends lit thrift store I tried on the piece that came to define how I would dress for the next decade—a high-waisted ’60s.

An ode to a user-friendly pencil essay
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